Suggesting that China is somehow in partnership with the USA is quite bizarre. China is interested in what happens in Ukraine in order to formulate its Taiwan liberation policy. If the West walks away, China will see that a war of attrition can pay dividends, waiting for "war weariness" to see democracies pull back.

The brake on that is economics. Sanctions would see China slump back to pre-WTO levels.

Ultimately, China is interested in a world order driven by authoritarian States, any apparent signs of "partnership" are merely coincidental, a temporary alignment of interests in a narrow channel. Seeing China as long-term partners under a communist regime is exactly the kind of woolly thinking that got the West into trouble with Russia.

All in all, this is a TERRIBLE piece. The author simply misinterprets everything in the modern world - see my other two comments below.

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"We cooperate or we all suffer from climate change as seen from the ever increasing climate crises we are experiencing from wild fires to flooding."

Utter nonsense. One does not SEE climate change, not even over the course of a human lifetime.

Climate change can only be assessed by looking at what happens over centuries and eons. It is often to related to changes in the Earth's orbit around the sun that changes on cycles of tens of thousands of years.

What we are seeing is not disproportionate relative to other lengthy periods in the planet's history, no matter what the pseudo-scientists would have you believe.

Extreme weather events does NOT = climate change.

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"Brexit has poleaxed the UK as a global power"

In which parallel reality is that?

The UK is a member of AUKUS and a leading member of NATO. It is a major supporter of Ukraine in its own right and one of the vanishingly few countries to have a blue water navy. Its ability to make its own decisions for its own military and as part of NATO make it now one of the major powers - THANKS TO BREXIT.

Which is why the slippery EU countries, with their puny militaries due to decades of dodging their NATO commitments, keep trying to suck the UK into EU Army style alliances.

It is also part of the CPTPP - a growing trade bloc, unlike the EU which had been shrinking for years as a % of gloabal trade, for quite some time prior to Brexit. This is due its protectionist polices and non-democratic structures, whereby its parliament cannot propose legislation, they can only rubber stamp that which has been put forward by the unelected EU Commission.

There are a surprising number of lefties in journalism these days, even here. For example, anything that isn't left-wing is called "far right". It's the influence of russian disinformation campaigns. I thought Ukraine, of all places, would have re-thought those silly woke viewpoints.

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"Russia’s war in Ukraine" — misnomer! It's Russia's genocidal war on Ukraine.

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